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A Mental Health Therapist: My Approach

I am a positive, down-to-earth therapist who will support and encourage you in your efforts toward change, personal growth and emotional healing. My style is relational and conversational. I believe trust comes when you become comfortable with your therapist and develop a safe working relationship. I often see my role as that of a coach and I have tools that I can give you which you can then use to make changes in your life and relationships.

As a Christian, my faith is very important to me and represents the core of who I am. Yet God has not called me to preach or evangelize, but to live out that faith throughout my life. I will always respect your own beliefs and I practice a 'client led' approach to speaking about faith and spirituality within the context of therapy. 


My husband and I have been married since 1979, representing several decades of good times and hard work. Marriage does not always come easy and I have never lost sight of the work involved in keeping our marriage strong and thriving. Marriage has also provided me with one of the most transforming opportunities of my life. When I finally accepted that I could not change my husband, I realized I had to focus on changing and fine tuning myself. Imagine that! (Of course, he did his own great work as well!)

We also have an adult son who is married to a wonderful woman & they have been together since 2003 High School. Also, my husband & I have a passion for rescue animals & right now we have one dog. In 2019 we stepped out of our "Golden Retriever comfort zone" & adopted an "Itty-bitty-pitty" from ARottaLovePlus (ARLP) our crazy, loving, 4-year-old 40 lb Pit Bill (Staffordshire Terrier) Stella! She was rescued as a pup from a dog fighting ring in Minneapolis before she could be abused too terribly. We are giving her a life of love & she is giving us new energy, kisses, a dog sleeping in bed with us (which we have never done before!), sudden rips around the house & stealth surprise attacks from out of nowhere!  She is also my husband's Emotional Support Animal and I think he is that for her as well...Emotional Support Human.  All this to say, I love dogs! 

We are just in the process of moving from the great North, after living in Minnesota for over 40+ years & returning to my husband's hometown of Jacksonville Florida.  Time to exchange the white snow & 10,000 lakes for white sand & an endless ocean.  I am so blessed to be able to work with my clients from the north as well as my new clients in Florida.  It's exciting to be able to reach & help so many more people!  I love what I do!

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