Mari Boyd, MA, LMFT - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Looking for a Therapist can be a tough task and one that often takes a lot of courage.  Many people wonder:
  • Do I really need therapy?
  • How will therapy help me?
  • How will I ever be able to be comfortable talking about my problems to a stranger?
  • How can therapy help my relationship?
  • Am I crazy?
Most of us find ourselves feeling overwhelmed or stuck at some point in our lives.  Whether its because of a loss or trauma, you are feeling anxious, depressed or distracted...or because you are facing life transitions, you are uneasy with your patterns in relationship or you are looking for support in your current stage of life, I look forward to working with you in a professional and caring environment. 
So welcome to my website!  Please take a moment to read through and get to know me.  Feel free to contact me if you have any  questions or would like to make an appointment.  I look forward to beginning this new journey with you.
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